Wednesday, December 7, 2011

360 Stylin' Blow Out Kit - Softens Coarse Hair

A black person is born with a soft curly beautiful hair. At birth, the hair combs easily and looks nice. As soon as your child becomes a toddler, however, it is amazing how the soft hair turns into coarse hard hair. For a few, the hair will still be soft, even though the curls are no longer visible like that of a newborn. Others have to deal with a painful coarse hair, where combing is almost impossible. for those who have sensitive scalp, hair combing becomes a nightmare.
Over the years, several inventions have been made through product development to help people with coarse hair manage their hair better and without pain. The most popular with uncountable brand names is the relaxer. Relaxer turns the hair into straight in minutes. The side effect of using relaxer is the ability it has to over process your hair. When this occurs, you could develop thinning hair or breakage. In extreme situation, you could loss your hair. Sometimes, depending on how long you leave the crème in or how sensitive your scalp is to such chemicals, you could have burns.
In the process of providing quality consultation as well as premium hair braiding, we have been able to find a product that would help you take away the pain caused by your coarse hair – 360 Stylin’ Blow Out Kit.
 360 Stylin’ Blow Out Kit will help soften your hair without straightening it. So, if you want to have your natural hair look, you will still enjoy that with the softness of your hair.
According to the manufacturer, “the 30 stylin’ multi-look Blow Out Kit is a texture enhancer designed to expand the length of the hair, changing hard to comb hair into soft manageable styles in minutes. The 360 Stylin’ Kit helps create manageable afro, braid and twist styles for all ages.”
Included in the package box is the blow out relaxer crème, instruction booklet, neutralizing shampoo, conditioner and bonus pink lotion. The process takes about 10 to 15 minutes for fine hair, 16 to 25 minutes for medium and 26 to 35 minutes for coarse hair. There is a warning alarm on the guide that says you should not use this product on bleached or permanently colored hair. It also caution you not to “exceed maximum application time of 35 minutes regardless of hair texture.” It is ideal for a first timer on this product to read the instruction booklet carefully before application.
Note: Take this product to your local hair dresser or professional to apply if you are not able to. Seek professional help when you are not clear about instructions. This is a great product for Caucasian moms with black kids.
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